How It Works

1.Sign-up is easy and quick

Fill out your company details and provide a payment method. After sign-up, you can instantly start browsing different Service Technicians close to you, and offer the most suitable candidates work and cooperation. You determine what qualifications, set of skills, price levels, and availability they must have thanks to a powerful search function

2. Increase efficiency in management

Track all your service status at any time and improve your planning security! ServiceME will give you the possibility to track KPIs in real-time, and conduct reporting about the requested services, FSEs, prices, etc. The platform will also automatize your invoicing process, meaning that you can minimize time spend on administration.

3. Improve customer satisfaction

With ServiceME the company can maintain a more stable service level and thereby reduce down-times when the equipment is not working. This will lead to increasing customer satisfaction levels. With a quicker emergency search and stable SLAs, you can make sure the equipment is working again much quicker.

What are the benefits?

Access more qualified FSEs

Real-time access to assessed, trained & highly qualified FSEs. Find the best fit for your needs.


Better understand the market range of pricing. Get information about service status at any time.

Process Simplification

Easier, simpler & optimized process to initiate and manage a service process, from start to finish.

Reduced Costs

Less downtime costs because of higher availability of FSEs, fewer in-house service technicians.


Cinque Terre
The platform can provide us with freelancing Service Technicians for the entire air conditioner system. We can integrate the platform with our existing systems of service technicians, and bring them onboard.

Name : Shatrughan Kumar
Company : JTAC
Position: Managing Director
Cinque Terre
Current service handling processes are long. We don’t have service technicians for all areas where we are active. It is difficult to find and assess new service technicians. ServiceME will solve these problems.

Name : Bipin Kumar Ojha
Company : SPHEROS
Position: General Manager


What Service Do you Need?

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